Open Radio Station at €850 with 1000 hours 4G/5G radio usage at €2/hour Band 39 (MIMO 2x0.5W)


Open Radio Station for indoor, factories, outdoor and private networks. An "all-in-one" solution to deploy private virtual radio access networks (vRAN). This solution is based on rugged industrial PC hardware and open-source SDR board. It is compatible with Rapid.Space network management service and Amarisoft software stack. It is bundled with 5 test SIM cards.

What you are paying for an Open Radio Station: 
* Price include: €850 base price + 1000 hours of 4G/5G radio usage (€2/hour).
* Once the purchase is completed, you will receive the hardware package and a credit of 1000 hours usage for the 4G/5G radio for your account.
* You can turn on / off the gNodeB process of Amarisoft anytime to control the usage of 4G/5G radio. 
* A minimum usage of 40 hours per month is obligated. 
* Include support service to set up Open Radio Station in your environment.

Information on License:
* Amarisoft License: The price includes the license for Amarisoft 4G/5G stack.
* Root Access: The price DOES NOT include root access. You can't access the ORS via your local network (no SSH access, no HTTP access). You will configure the ORS through the GUI located in the cloud. In order to retrieve its configuration, the ORS needs to be plugged to an open internet (without firewall). If you want to take full control of the Amarisoft stack configuration, please contact Rapid.Space team to purchase root access option. 
* A permanent service license is available for commitments of 5 years.

Net weight: 2kg

仓库: 欧洲(法国)或中国(山西)

Rapid.Space 提供的交货方式: 

  • 仓库自提(免费)
  • 欧洲 (UPS: 200 €)
  • 全球 (UPS: 200 €)


  • Nexedi 里尔, 法国
  • Nexedi 巴黎,法国
  • Nexedi 戴高乐机场, 法国 

欧洲 (UPS 标准:200 €)

订单付款确认后,通常会在48小时内发货。 您通常会在2-4个工作日内收到。

全球 (UPS 标准:200 €)

订单付款确认后,通常会在48小时内发货。 您通常会在5到10个工作日内收到。



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