Open Radio System Band 42 (MIMO 2x0.5W)
31100.00 ¥


Open Radio System (ORS) for indoor, factories, outdoor and private networks. An "all-in-one" solution to deploy private virtual radio access networks (vRAN). This solution is based on rugged industrial PC hardware and open-source SDR board. It is compatible with Rapid.Space network management service and Amarisoft software stack. It is bundled with 5 test SIM cards. 
Information on License:
*Amarisoft License: The price includes the license for Amarisoft 4G/5G stack.
*Root Access: The price DOES NOT include root access (to retrieve configuration from the cloud or specific features not integrated in our OSS/BSS). If you want to take full control of the Amarisoft stack configuration, please contact Rapid.Space team to purchase root access option. 

仓库: 欧洲(法国)或中国(山西)

Rapid.Space 提供的交货方式: 

  • 仓库自提(免费)
  • 欧洲 (UPS: 200 €)
  • 全球 (UPS: 200 €)


  • Nexedi 里尔, 法国
  • Nexedi 巴黎,法国
  • Nexedi 戴高乐机场, 法国 

欧洲 (UPS 标准:200 €)

订单付款确认后,通常会在48小时内发货。 您通常会在2-4个工作日内收到。

全球 (UPS 标准:200 €)

订单付款确认后,通常会在48小时内发货。 您通常会在5到10个工作日内收到。



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